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Business visa questionnaire form
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Do you have a tourist visa to the USA?
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For how many years do you work in the company?
Do you have an office in the USA?
Do you have a business plan?
Can you document the legality of the money origin that you are going to invest in the business?
Are you considering getting an offshore passport for business immigration purposes?
Where will the application be submitted: in the United States or through the embassy?
On which visa would you like to immigrate to the US?
Have you ever applied to this type of visa before?
Talent hunter
Stanislav Shamayev is a market-leading licensed business immigration attorney of the US law firm – "Shamayev Business Law". For over 10 years, he has been helping people—entrepreneurs, investors, and talents—take a big step and immigrate to the US.

Stanislav's experience counts over 2000 cases for clients from 50 countries.

He specializes in:
- Business and investment visas: ЕВ-5, E-2, L-1
- Talent visas: О-1, ЕВ-1, ЕВ-2NIW
- Work visas: ЕВ-3, H-1B
- Corporate business support

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