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Would you like to participate in the program through passive (investment in a business project of the Regional Center) or active investment (your own business)?
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Family GREENCARD for investments:
The EB-5 visa is an immigration visa leading to receiving a Green Card and further US citizenship.
$900 тыс.
Minimum investment amount
18-24 месяцев
Petition review period*
*estimated period (affected by recent legal developments)

Over 174 countries
Visa-free regime

No limitations
Reside and work in any US state
Возврат инвестиций
US citizenship
Since you obtain a Green Card, you get a chance to have a US passport
What do I need to get a family GREEN CARD under the EB-5 program?
$900,000+ investments
Minimum investment amount is $900,000 if you invest in a secure project in a target region (regional center)
Or $1.8M investments in your own business
If you invest $1.8M in your own business, you have to create 10 full-time jobs
Legal asset source
You have to prove that your investment assets are legal
800+ regional centers pick out projects
for your investment
Explore your chances
and opportunities and select
a secure project with a licensed business immigration attorney
Benefits of the EB-5 program
Accessible to citizens of all countries
No applicant requirements
No applicant requirements in terms of education, experience, English skills, or age
Faster petition review for citizens of post-Soviet states
Affordable investment threshold for a Green Card
(compared to other developed countries)
No need to control your business on a daily business when investing in a Regional Center project
when investing in a Regional Center project
A beeline to a family GreenCard
No need to control your business on a daily business when investing in a Regional Center project
A beeline to a family GreenCard
A Green Card for you, your spouse, and unmarried children below 21 years (after ±1.5-2 years without additional investments)
Margin ROI after receiving a Green Card
Chances to get a US passport (personal and for family members) in 5 years after obtaining a Green Card
No residence or work restrictions
Your family can reside and work in any US state, in any industry
Preferential US school and university tuition fees
Tuition fees are much lower for US residents rather than foreign students.
Visa-free entry to 174 countries
Easy traveling
High quality of life
High standards of living, economical stability, secured old age
High percentage of approved applications (90%)
A beeline to obtaining a Green Card
US government support
In case of a crisis, the US government renders financial support to businesses and families. Residents can also get corporate loans with preferential rates
How to get a Green Card and return your investments? Learn all this in one video below
Get a step-by-step instruction
How to properly select a Regional Center
Getting a Green Card step by step
Consultation with attorney Stanislav Shamayev
Stanislav inspect whether you, as a potential investor, meet the requirements of the EB-5 program
1-2 months
Signing a legal service agreement, selecting an investment project, signing an investment agreement, transferring the funds, preparing and submitting the EB-5 petition
18 to 24 months
Petition review by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and further approval
3 to 6 months
Visa interview, visa issue or status change (if the applicant is already in the US), 2-year Green Card issue (given the visas are available at the moment of submission)
In 21 months
after arriving in the USA as a conditional permanent resident, you submit a petition to remove conditions on residence
In 9-12 months
after submitting the above petition, you obtain the approval and a permanent Green Card
In 4 years and 9 months
after receiving the conditional status of permanent residence, you get US citizenship (if desired)
In 5-7 years
after investing, you get your $900,000 back with interest (if any)
Founder of the US professional law firm ShamayevBusinessLaw
Stanislav Shamaev
Stanislav Shamayev has extensive experience of working with Senators and members of the House of Representatives of Florida on the implementation of local laws that significantly contributed to the state economy. Behind him are two international missions in which he consulted the governments of Belize and Guyana on introducing progressive legislation on medical marihuana in these countries.

Over the years of his career, Stanislav visited over 30 countries and successfully represented the interests of his clients from over 30 countries. To date, his professional practice counts over 400 cases.
Learn more about Stanislav Shamayev and his services here:
Stanislav Shamayev is the founder and leading business immigration and corporate attorney of the US professional law firm ShamayevBusinessLaw, Р.А. Stanislav has numerous awards that verify his qualification and level of competence. Among them are graduation with distinction from Florida Atlantic University and Law School in Miami, federal employment in the USA and the state of Miami, such as the Federal Court of the South County in Florida, the State Solicitors' Office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Third District Court of Appeal.

Also, Stanislav is an existing member of the Bar of Florida and Broward County, Appellate Courts of Florida and Eleventh Federal Circuit; has a license for civil and corporate law in Florida and immigration law in 50 US states and District of Columbia. He is fluent in written and spoken Russian and English.

Stanislav is the author of over ten articles devoted to various aspects of US law. Those papers cover such subjects as investor visas, business immigration, medical marihuana, and Bitcoin law. Stanislav spoke at numerous seminars and conferences dedicated to the federal cryptocurrency regulation, medical marihuana, and business immigration at national and international levels. He renders expert business consultations on TV (Russian-American TV channel RTVI) on starting and running business in the US and business relations regulation.

Besides, Stanislav has profound knowledge of US corporate and business law—thus having a solid advantage over other attorneys. Awareness of subtleties of these laws may be a determinative factor in terms of approving or rejecting a petition.

Since the very dawn of his career, Stanislav has represented the interests of investors and entrepreneurs from all over the globe and, particularly, post-Soviet space. Hundreds of approved petitions helped Russian-speaking entrepreneurs move to the US with their families.
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