Talent visa application form
To assess your chances of receiving a talent visa, I need your detailed answers to the questions about your achievements in your sphere of activity (you need at least three achievements out of the following 10).

I will analyze whether your answers are consistent with the criteria and comply with norms. After that, I will tell you the result.

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Talent visa application form
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Describe your talent
National and international awards
Availability of national or international awards in your field of activity, prizes and diplomas for outstanding achievements, contributions, and successes. It is necessary to be able to attach a cover letter to each award, which describes how many people competed for the award and what criteria were used to select the winners.
Membership in professional organizations
Availability of documents that show membership in professional organizations and associations in your field of activity. In this category, it is desirable to have evidence that membership in this association (organization) is not nominal
National and international media
Availability of materials published in national or international media about you, about your occupation. Copies of these materials must clearly show the title of the publication, the date of publication, the author of the article / interview, and, if necessary, there must be a translation into English.
Participation in judging or evaluating other participants
Availability of documents showing participation in judging or evaluation of other participants in the field of activity (competition, selection for publications in the magazine, or any other type of activity where you had a word in the selection of winners or determining the qualifications, level of knowledge of participants or other specialists)
Having testimonials from other players in the industry about your achievements. Letters of recommendation.
Having your own articles or publications related to your field of activity in major prestigious publications
Exhibitions of works
If you are a talent in the arts, it is possible to show exhibitions of your work. For talented people in other spheres, one can provide any other proof that confirms the talent.
Leading position
Proof of your leadership and outstanding organizational contributions in your industry.
High salary
Proof of receiving a salary that significantly exceeds salaries in this particular area. In can proved by a contract with a sponsor, which stipulates the amount of the applicants salary.
Commercial success
Commercial success in activities (sales, interest on a patent, sale of paintings, sale of your developed strategy or technique, etc.).
Contracts with companies in the United States for advertising or brand representation.
Do you have an employer in the United States?
Have you ever applied to this type of visa before?
What are the reasons for your move to the USA?
What are your goals when you move to the USA?
Have you made any contributions to your industry that are original and meaningful?
If you are a photographer, you may have developed a special photography technique; if you are an athlete, then you may have a special throwing technique; if you are in the construction industry, you may have come up with some new technology.
Great job! Click on the Submit Application button and follow the link in WhatsApp to confirm the completed application form. Only after that Stanislav Shamaev will contact you shortly.
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Stanislav Shamayev is a market-leading licensed business immigration attorney of the US law firm SmamayevBusinessLaw. For over 8 years, he has been helping people—entrepreneurs, investors, and talents—take a big step and immigrate to the US.

Stanislav's experience counts over 400 cases for customers from 30 countries.

He specializes in:

- Business and investment visas: ЕВ-5, E-2, L-1

- Talent visas: О-1, ЕВ-1, ЕВ-2

- Employment visa: ЕВ-3

- Corporate business support

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