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Half-year to collect and prepare documents, family Green Card opportunity, US clubs, best-in-class coaches, high income, and the world's most stable economy.

If you hold national and international titles, have a referee certificate or records set, and if mass media knows—and talks—about you, a Green Card is almost in your pocket.

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Have you written any articles or books?
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Talent hunter
Stanislav Shamayev is a market-leading licensed business immigration attorney of the US law firm – "Shamayev Business Law". For over 10 years, he has been helping people—entrepreneurs, investors, and talents—take a big step and immigrate to the US.

Stanislav's experience counts over 1500 cases for customers from 30 countries.

He specializes in:
- Business and investment visas: ЕВ-5, E-2, L-1
- Talent visas: О-1, ЕВ-1, ЕВ-2NIW
- Work visas: ЕВ-3, H-1B
- Corporate business support

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