A work visa for foreign
skilled, professional, and unskilled workers who have a US-based employer.
EB -3 advantages
To get this visa, it is not necessary to have a Master's or Bachelor's degree, it is enough to have an employer in America
All of the main processes for filing a petition are handled by your employer
This visa falls under the category of a work visa type so investments are not required
This visa gives Green Cards to the whole family: the applicant, spouse, and unmarried children under the age of 21.
Requirements for the applicant:
Be qualified. This can be a Bachelor's degree from a US university or any equivalent degree awarded in another country. On top of that, you can still be a specialist and have an average qualification. This means that you can get a visa even if you don't have a degree!
Be able to prove your work experience.

Be able to provide evidence that your future work in the US corresponds to the education and a Bachelor's degree.

Be able to provide evidence that you have an employer in the US and are offered a permanent job from them.
EB-3 quastionary form
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What is your first name?
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What is your date of birth?
What is your phone number?
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Your email
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Please specify your age
From which country will the application be submitted?
What is your country of citizenship? If there are several, list all
When would you like to come to the USA?
Do you have a tourist visa to the USA?
If you are in the US, when does your legal status expire?
Have you been to the USA? If yes, how many times and for how long?
What is your level of education?
What university did you graduate from? What specialty did you get?
List your latest job positions for the past 10 years. Briefly describe your position and experience.
Do you have an employer in the USA? If yes, what kind of company and what position are you ready to be hired for?
What is your initial capital for moving to the USA?
Have you previously applied for this category of visa?
What are your reasons for moving to the US?
What are your goals when you move to the USA?
What are your plans after moving to the USA?
If you are currently in the US, until what date can you legally stay in the US?
How did you learn about us?
Requirements for the employer:

The financial ability of the company to pay wages for this vacancy that is established by the Department of Labor
A vacant position for which there was no candidate from the American labor market
The 4 main steps that your employer must go through:

Recruiting (2-3 months) – the employer has to test the American labor market to see if there are American employees who are willing to fill this position. For example, the employer needs to register on the site of a state government agency that helps in finding employees among Americans. Once it's over and there is no resume or candidates do not qualify for the requirements, we proceed to the next stage.

Prevailing wage (6-7 months) – this is how much money the employer will have to pay for this position to you if the American employee worked for this company. The amount of the wage is determined by the Department of Labor. This step is free of charge.
The job listings must be in circulation for up to a month. Then 30 days of waiting for resumes and interviews (if there are any).

Filing the I-140 Form. With all the documents from the Department of Labor, from the employer, and from you, the petition is filed. The company needs to prove two main things - the business need and the ability to pay you the salary set by the Department of Labor. State duty is - $2500 +

PERM - the certificate from the Department of Labor that indicates that there is no American worker for this position. It can be obtained by submitting documents to the Department of Labor after the recruitment stage. This process takes 7 months. If the Department of Labor did not like something, they can run an audit. The audit can drag out the process for up to one and a half years.
EB-3 review timeframe

The standard review timeframe for this visa changes annually depending on the total number of applicants and takes between 8 - 9 months.
Expedited review

The expedited review timeframe takes 15 days.
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