Immigrant visa EB-2 NIW
(National Interest Waiver)
Visa Program for individuals with exceptional abilities, that does not require a US employer if your talent falls into the zone of national interests of America.
Stanislav Shamayev, licensed
business immigration attorney
A GREEN CARD for exceptional abilities for the whole family: VISA EB-2 NIW
Learn about the possibility of obtaining an EB-2 NIW visa
To evaluate your chances of obtaining an EB-2 NIW visa, I need detailed answers to the questions listed below.

I will analyze your answers for compliance with the criteria and norms of the law and will contact you to announce the result within 48 hours.

EB-2NIW visa questionnaire form
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What is your first name?
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What is your date of birth?
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From which country will the application be submitted?
What is your country of citizenship? If there are several, list all
When would you like to come to the USA?
Do you have a tourist visa to the USA?
If you are in the US, when does your legal status expire?
What are your education and specialty?
Have you worked in your area of expertise? If yes, how many years and what exactly did you do?
Do you need a license in your specialty to operate? If yes, do you have one?
Do you get a high salary for your work? How much are you paid?
Are you a member of a professional organization in your occupation?
Will you be able to get 10+ recommendations from professionals and experts in your industry?
In what project will you apply your skills in the USA? What national interest for the US will this project fulfill?
Have you previously applied for a visa other than a tourist visa?
What are the reasons for your move to the USA?
What are your goals when you move to the USA?
What are your plans after moving to the USA?
If you are currently in the US, until what date can you legally stay in the US?
How did you learn about us?
GREEN CARD for the whole family for your exceptional abilities: VISA EB-2 NIW

The EB-2 NIW visa is an immigrant visa, which leads to a Green Card, and in the future, to US citizenship.

What is required from you to obtain a GREEN CARD for the whole family under the EB-2 NIW program?

Professional education, higher than a Bachelor's degree or a Bachelor's degree and at least 5 years of practical work experience in the field of your specialty.
OR any 3 of the below-mentioned points:
Official confirmation of higher education by profession from an educational institution: diplomas, certificates in the field of exceptional abilities.

Document certifying you have 10 years of professional experience: recommendation letters from employers.

Licenses or certificates for the implementation of activities.

The applicant has a confirmation that he was paid a high salary or other remunerations for activities in his professional field: copies of labor agreements, and contracts.

The applicant is a member of a trade union.

The applicant has confirmation of his achievements and significant contribution in his professional field from government agencies/ state bodies, colleagues, companies, and professional organizations.

We must prove that you will bring benefits to the United States. Evidence of how your abilities will help improve the US economy, culture, public health, or science.
We need to understand how you will use your experience, talents, and abilities in the US. It can be your business, employer, or intentions to get a job in your field.
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Benefits of the EB-2 NIW visa:
  • Opportunity to file a petition directly from the US if you are already legally in the US and get the right to work while waiting.
  • Opportunity to file a petition without an employer in the US.
  • Falls under the work visas category and does not require investments.
  • Gives the right to obtain a US Green Card.
  • The applicant's family and unmarried minor children under the age of 21 also get Green Card.

The standard processing time for this visa program changes each year depending on the total number of applicants. The average is 8 months.

Review timeframe of EB-2 NIW:


The processing time for expedited applications is 15 days. There is currently no expedited review for this visa, but it will be available in 2022.
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